One of the best and most popular ski destinations in Europe

Schladming offers a ski area, which is in a category for itself and so incredibly beautiful. A lot of resources and money have been invested in developing the lift and ski system. No matter what you are looking for, you will always find a wide range of skiing possibilities in Schladming-Dachstein. We can especially recommend the Dachstein Gletscher and the World Cup slope at Planai, which we both find to be a must when visiting Schladming. They prove the area´s superb skiing conditions, but just being there is an experience in itself. However, we do recommend you to visit even more when visiting us in Schladming, so below we have gathered a list of our top recommendations.


Dachstein Gletscher - Enjoy the freedom at almost 3.000 m

At 2.700 meters the Dachstein Gletscher is the highest mountain in the Styria region and stands with a legendary, natural scenery and a panoramic view over the mountain peaks of Austria, all the way to the Czech Republic and Slovenia. You will only have to drive approx. half an hour from Hotel Planai to get here.

Besides amazing skiing, you can also visit the attractions such as the Dachstein Hängebrücke, The Sky Walk, The Ice Palace or the stairs to nothingness. The attractions make your unforgettable mountain experience even more exciting. Breathtaking moments are guaranteed with a view so special that you simply have got to experience it for yourself. Alone the ride with the Dachstein cable car including the gondola balcony is an experience in itself.

Once you have reached the summit at 2.700 meters above sea level, you will find that the winter world of the Dachstein offers a wide range of winter activities. You can go for pure pleasure or extreme sports - skiing, walking, cross country skiing, snowboarding and freeriding - all of this is possible on the Dachstein glacier.


Dachstein Gletscher


Off-piste in Schladming

Schladming offers excellent opportunities for the passionate off-piste skier. Our suggestion is that you go with the Hauser Kaibling Bergbahn to the top and once you arrive here, you can ski down to an open area, which is free from trees. The best thing about a really good off-piste road, is if you can go back up again by lift. This is a great advantage because you can save some time that way and therefore you get as much as possible out of the day. Off course, it is possible for you to hire a guide to go with you or simply just consult with a guide, who can tell you about all the best off-piste roads in the schladming skiing area.


Sled run - The longest in Austria

The longest natural sled run in Austria, and one of the longest in the Alps, can be found right in Schladming. The 7 km long sled run starts at 1.860 meters on Hochwurzen, at the Hochwurzen summit. To get up there, you take the Planai-Hochwurzen Gipfelbahn, which is just 10 meters from the hotel entrance of Hotel Planai, and where you have plenty of space for your sled in the cable car. You don't have a sled? That's no problem, you can rent sleds close by the valley station.

The sled run is open day and night, but it is really cozy just when the dark falls and the sled run is lighted, from 19:30 - 23:30. However, the sled run will not be open on Sunday evenings.

Sledding in the middle of the beautiful nature and winter wonderland can be both fun, romantic, nerve wrecking and exciting. On Hochwurzen you have plenty of opportunities to make a stop on your way to grab something to eat. From start til stop you will come by different lodges with enough space for even large groups.

Just a quick tip for the ones sledding in the evening, the night bus will be driving from the 25th of December and can take you both to the sled run and back again. It even drives until 01:00 in the morning in the Schladming area.


Hohenhaus Tenne - 3.000 m2 of after ski atmosphere

Not only does Schladming offer the longest sled run in Austria, it also offers the largest after ski place. All 3.000 m2 in Hohenhaus Tenne is usually packed with happy, dancing skiers and the after ski place offers an outstanding festive atmosphere with everything from classic tyroler hits and dancing on the tables. You can ski right down to the classic, wooden cabin, as it is located at the bottom of the slope. If you stay a little longer in the evening, you will experience how Hohenhaus Tenne turns into a nightclub, but in the afternoon you can enjoy a good weissbier after a long day on the mountain.

It is also a huge advantage that Hohenhaus Tenne is just 2 minutes walk from Hotel Planai, so you can stay as long as you want. No need to drive or to take the public transportation.


Reiteralm - Visit one of the widest and most difficult slopes

The snow conditions and the slopes on Reiteralm are optimal for a day full of adventure and fun. Here you will find blue, red and black pistes, ranging from the kid's slope to the former world cup descent, the area's widest slopes to advanced slopes, where even the ski team from Austria is practicing. A favourite slope among many guests is slope number 5 on the piste map. The red slope is wide and you get a good pace down the mountain without it being too difficult to control. And you don't have to worry, Reiteralm offers planty of cozy ski huts, where you can make a pit stop.


Skiing on the WM slope

Hotel Planai has the best location in Schladming, 10 meters from the main lift station Planet Planai. From here you will be able to ski on one of the best slopes in the area, a black slope, which was used under the Ski World Cup 2013. If you want to know how a real World Cup slope feels like, then you really should'nt miss this experience. The slope is big and wide, so you can feel confident even though you are not used to the black slopes. The challenge is good and the experience unbeatable. Not many manage to ski all the way from top to bottom without any pause, so if you manage this, you are seriously good!


Experience the greatest skiers up close

The Night Race is an annual event in Schladming, which always takes place in week 4. The event is part of the FIS World Cup Slalom, which visits places around the world. When The Night Race comes to Schladming it is always a huge event, the atmosphere turns into something extraordinary when up to 50.000 spectators cheer and party. The Night Race is undoubtedly worth a visit if you are in the area.

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